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AoA DVD Ripper 5.4.5
AoA DVD Ripper is an application for extracting the contents of DVDs. With this program you’ll be able to rip full videos, excerpts and even soundtracks from your favorite movies. The greatest stre...

Downloads: Total 169     Avg. User Rating: 5/5 (1 Votes)
APNDroid 3.0.15
APNDroid is an application that allows you to disable 3G service...

Tags: APNDroiddownload APNDroiddisable 3Glimited data transferAPNmControlling Internet mobile

Downloads: Total 2622     Avg. User Rating: 5/5 (18 Votes)
Aralon: Sword and Shadow 3.31
Aralon: Sword and Shadow is an incredible 3D action game for iPhone and iTablet, an epic adventure with heroes and villains featuring amazing graphics and sound. Aralon: Sword and Shadow brings toget...

Downloads: Total 661     Avg. User Rating: 5/5 (23 Votes)
ArcaniA Gothic 4 Demo
ArcaniA Gothic 4 is a role-playing game in which you will control a mysterious warrior and explore a fantasy world....

Tags: ArcaniA Gothic 4ArcaniA Gothic 4 downloadRPGRPG Games

Downloads: Total 726     Avg. User Rating: 3/5 (16 Votes)
Archetype 1.6.1
Archetype is an entertaining action game that’ll give you hours of fun with your friends and web contacts. In this first-person shooter you and your team will take part in battles against other ...

Downloads: Total 536     Avg. User Rating: 4.5/5 (14 Votes)
ArchiveFacebook is an add-on for the Firefox browser that lets you save entire pages from the social network, with all of their components....

Tags: backup profiledownload Facebook photoscopy Facebook profile

Downloads: Total 421     Avg. User Rating: 3.5/5 (25 Votes)
Ares 2.1.8
Ares Free. Ares is a file exchange program that uses the P2P technology. With Ares it is possible to download music, films, programs and much more....

Tags: Aresdownload ares freefree download aresinternetp2pdownload music

Downloads: Total 3,850     Avg. User Rating: 4.5/5 (56 Votes)
Ares Catcher 1.0
Ares Catcher is an application that lets you download videos from some of the world's most popular sites. The program is compatible with YouTube, Dailymotion, Myspace and Google Video, among others. ...

Downloads: Total 2,188     Avg. User Rating: 5/5 (119 Votes)
Arma 2 Demo
Arma 2 is a tactical shooter game that combines real-time strategy with elements of action.  In this title the player has to guide a soldier through the battlefield and, at the same time, handle his ...

Tags: action gamesshooterfree gamesrts

Downloads: Total 1,245     Avg. User Rating: 3/5 (24 Votes)
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Demo
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is a first-person action game where you’ll occupy several positions within the army and fight fierce battles....

Tags: Arma 2: Operation ArrowheadArma 2: Operation Arrowhead downloadaction gamesshooter gamespc games

Downloads: Total 753     Avg. User Rating: 3/5 (19 Votes)

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