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Date added: 24 Oct 2011

Last Update: 23 Oct 2011

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Version for Chrome added on: 24 Oct 2011

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Start Google Plus is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser, which will help you take your first steps in Google’s new social network: Google Plus.

If you’re already a Facebook user, then Start Google Plus will be very helpful. This add-on will take all of your data and photos from the most popular social network, and import them over to the one developed by Google. This way you won’t have to start from scratch in the new service.

But even if you’re not a Facebook user, Start Google Plus will be very useful, as it adds exciting features to Google Plus. You’ll be able to make simultaneous posts on both the Google and Facebook social networks, and you’ll have a Gmail-integrated counter that shows you how many unread emails you have.

You’ll also be able to use this application to follow all of your contacts’ activities of your in Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. Although these options are somewhat basic, they will turn your browser into a useful platform for your social networking needs.


  • Posts on Google Plus and Facebook simultaneously
  • Display of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus publications
  • Gmail email counter
  • Imports data from Facebook


  • Requires authorization for many of its actions
  • Options are somewhat basic
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