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Publisher: kynetx

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Date added: 09 Nov 2011

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Version For Firefox added on: 09 Nov 2011

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Google Minus is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that will notify you when a friend has removed you from their circles in Google's social network.

If you are a Google Plus user, you’ll certainly want to know about all of what’s happening on your account. And, although most of today’s social networks notify you about many of them, none includes an option to let you know when someone “de-friends” you. That is the purpose of Google Minus.

Once you've installed this plug-in, you will be notified through a window every time a contact deletes you from their friends list. It is important to note that, for this extension to work, you’ll have to install an extra add-on called Kynetx. This is an engine on which Google Minus will run.

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