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If your apartment isn’t big enough for you to have animals or if you hate finding hair all over the place but still would love to have a pet, then you should try Pet Society.

In this social game you’ll be able to play God for a few minutes and design your own animal, choosing its gender, color, nose, eyes and mouth. After that, you’ll return to your mortal being and you’ll get to play with your recently designed pet.

In that way, Pet Society offers you the possibility of doing anything people normally do with their animals. So, you’ll get your fair amount of feeding, washing and petting. But the game doesn’t end there. You’ll have the opportunity to unlock several items to improve your pet’s life as well as expand the playability.

For you to unlock these secrets awards, you’ll have to take good care of your animal, and you’ll have to go social as well. This means that you’ll have to pay visit to your friends’ pets and treat them nice as well so you can earn coins and points which will serve you to increase your level.

But that’s not all: you’ll also be able to participate in competitions or fulfill certain special challenges that vary from time to time.

Although it might seem pretty basic and somewhat boring, Pet Societies has many elements that you’ll discover along the way that will surely captivate you. Don’t believe me? Then take a look for yourself!

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