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Farmville is a social networking game in which you’ll have to take over the control of a farm to make it prosper and grow. To do this, you’ll have to learn all there is about farming: plowing, sowing, harvesting and even livestock rising.

But the game isn’t entirely about seeds, bushes and getting your hands dirty with digital dust. You’ll also have to manage coins and earn experience to rise above the rest and establish yourself as the most thriving farmer on this binary land.

Upon starting on Farmville, you’ll get an empty piece of land, a few coins and a customizable avatar. The basic idea is that you buy crops and make them grow but that is easier said than done.

You’ll have to pay for plowing first, then you’ll have to plant your seeds and finally you’ll have to wait until they mature.  In this way, this title resembles to many other games found on social networks since you can’t play non-stop for hours.  You’ll have to be very patient and come back several times a day to perform specific actions according to the phase in which you’re crops are in.

Besides, all of the activities you’ll be able to do will cost you money and you’ll have to work hard for it. Don’t like the sound of that? Then you can buy virtual cash with real money and get a few advantages over the rest of the players. Whether you go with the slow progress or the paid fast lane, you’ll have to advance and earn experience to level up and unlock new crops with higher payoff, more diverse animals and new buildings.

One of the most important things in Farmville is that it emphasizes cooperative playing. You’ll be able to work along with your neighboring farmers to complete specialized tasks or establish a “today-for-you-tomorrow-for-me” kind of relationship by sending them supplies and gifts. By doing this, all the parties will benefit and grow from the exchange.

Farmville includes many elements that enrich its playability: all kinds of animals and plants, buildings and decorations of all sorts for customizing your farm and even an English countryside to support your main land.

As you can see, Farmville has many elements to discover and an amazingly-simple-yet-addictive gameplay that will surely keep you coming back for more. Haven’t you played Facebook’s biggest game? Try it now!

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