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Publisher: Crime City

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Date added: 06 Oct 2011

Last Update: 05 Oct 2011

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Crime City is yet another crime game in which you’ll become a soulless low-life seeking for money in a city full of people like you. But beware, this isn’t another mafia-centered title in which you just give orders and sit back to see the cash flowing in. In this game you actually have to beat other players senseless, go all the way to the other side of town to gun down an opposing mobster and look for business opportunities.

Gameplay: action and construction combined

What really makes Crime City stand out from the rest is its somewhat fresh combination of real-time action with building-titles mechanics. First of all, the game doesn’t limit yourself to click a button once in a while and wait for the result but rather gets you involved in the actions. And second, you’ll get your own hood, for whose development you’ll be responsible and that will provide you with cash.

This new approach to gangsta gaming will provide you with a plethora of alternatives that will keep you busy at all times. When you aren’t out there breaking knee caps with a baseball bat you’ll be developing new buildings, such as coffee shops and ports that will keep the money coming your way.

Missions, respect and wealth

And guess what? You’ll need the paper. Embarking on missions and expanding your hood will require a lot of money plus a great quantity of the other game’s currency: diamonds. How can you put your hands on these precious rocks? By taking out the competitions and doing all sorts of jobs. But that won’t be necessarily easy.

You’ll have to earn respect throughout town to gain access to certain job opportunities. As you can see, it’s all a circle that, while interesting enough to keep you busy, might slow down the title’s pace a little.

Closing comments

It’s Crime City for you? Well, that depends. If you are looking for a criminal-based game in which you have to actually kill people and gets your hands dirty, then sure, give it a try. If you, on the other hand, want just to spend a few moments a day giving orders to your loyal henchmen, then you may want to look somewhere else, since Crime City will give you a handful. It takes time to feed the fishes and to become a kingpin, you know.

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