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Publisher: Rovio

OS Support: Windows, Windows

License: Shareware

Date added: 21 Sep 2011

Last Update: 21 Sep 2011

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System Requirements: No special requirements.

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Version 1.0 added on: 24 Nov 2011
Version Online added on: 21 Sep 2011

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Birds have always appeared to us as docile and calm animals. They fly through the sky peacefully and gracefully and we all look up to them in awe, envying their freedom to just fly away whenever they please. Sure, they seem pacific enough but they are animals after all and, as such, there’s one thing they won’t tolerate: someone messing around with their children. Especially when that someone is an annoying herd of filthy pigs. When faced to that, these little animals let all of their rage out and from deep inside the Angry Birds are born.

In this game, you’ll be in control of the wrath of the flock, an unstoppable force that will crush all of the pigs’ hideouts, cracking skulls along the way with one plain objective: to get back all of the eggs the malevolent herd has kidnapped.

Your mission will be a tricky one: to smash all of the pigs on screen using your loyal army of Angry Birds. For that, you’ll use a giant slingshot with which you’ll shoot your feathered friends towards the fortresses in which the pigs are cowardly hiding. You’ll have to tear down wood, stone and ice walls while crushing your enemies.

 Fortunately for you, your troops in Angry Birds will be very diverse and you’ll be able to take full advantage of the most bizarre and most lethal flock you’ll ever see. First you’ll meet the red feathered soldier, a blunt and brute weapon that will crash with anything that comes in front of it. As you advance, you’ll unleash the power of the blue bird (which divides into three smaller birds), the white bird (which lay explosive eggs in mid-air) and the powerful black bird (not to be confused with The Beatles’ hit since this is basically a bomb with wings).

The game is completed with a series of extra bonuses, golden eggs and secret levels only available for those precise enough to achieve a certain number of points.

To this point the title may seem very simple and not very challenging but the huge success Angry Birds experienced since its launch and the millions of players that were enraged by the frustration over some of its levels should be enough incentive to get you going on this adventure. But, be warned, hundreds of productive hours will pass you by while you try to figure out how to kill those infuriating green pigs.

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