YouTube to sell music tickets and merchandise

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Google announced a new service which will combine its current musical offer with a tickets, merchandise and song store.

If I was to say two obvious things about Internet today, they would be that Google is the major player around and that the music industry is still trying to find its definitive place in the digital world. Now, what these two ideas have in common? Well, YouTube, of course.

The biggest video sharing platform on the Web has done a lot for distributing music, be it new or old, popular or indie. But, evidently, nothing is as free as it seems and Google doesn’t do anything for the appreciation alone. That’s why the big G has announced a new service which will combine its current musical offer with a tickets, merchandise and song store. Introducing the Merch Store.

This new service will see YouTube partner up with some of the most popular providers on each of the aforementioned fields to give users a unique channel in which to satisfy all of their musical need.

The Merch Store

So, the Merch store will give the opportunity to these partners to offer their products on YouTube’s channels. Who would be those associates? Providers like Topspin will offer merchandise and tickets, Songkick will supply concerts’ info and tickets as well while iTunes and Amazon will be contributing the music downloads.

When we’ll be able to take a tour on the newly created store? Soon. According to YouTube’s official blog, they’ll “be rolling out the Merch Store to music partners globally over the coming weeks”.

Although it’s great to have some alternative channels to put our hands on tickets and stuff, it’s also somewhat unnerving to see Google hog services like this. We’ll have to wait to see if this really benefits music and its fans or if it’s yet another move to gain some extra cash.

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