One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube each passing second

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The video platform is still getting bigger, as its userbase keeps growing and more and more internauts wish to share their videos with the rest of the Internet world

Nobody can argue that YouTube has become a synonym for Internet videos. In spite of what you might say about the quality of its contents (or the annoying ads, many of the commentators, its buffering speed…), the Google site is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about videos on the Web.

But that general feeling isn’t enough for Google. The Mountain View giant wants everybody to see the evidence of YouTube’s grandeur with their own eyes, shove the numbers in their faces to finally acknowledge that, yeah, the site is huge. And their latest report on the platform’s status is more than enough to justify the cocky attitude.

One minute = Sixty hours worth of videos

According to a recent blog post from the YouTube team, the site went from a 6 video hours per minute to 60 video hours per minute just now. Nothing short from impressive, especially when taking into account that the video platform is in Google’s hands for almost 5 years now.

That means that when you’re done watching the following video (in which some of these numbers are packed with little funny animations, Google style), the site will be 45 video hours richer.

If you’re interested in more non-sense comparisons, then head to, where you’ll find lots of info about YouTube’s growth and future’s projection.

But that’s not all. YouTube has something more to brag about. And to be fair, is something quite impressive as well. Not only more people are uploading their videos to the site but they are watching them as well. And they are watching them a lot.

According to the data provided by YouTube, the site has passed the four billion views per day. That figure means an astonishing growth of 25% in the last eight months. And according to the blog post, the numbers are still rocketing to the sky.

With new content providers on the horizon, a renewed advertisement system and tools being tested every day, YouTube has still some space to expand. The question is, however, if the site can continue with its winning parade uncontested. As of this day, it certainly looks like it.

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