Google to launch music store integrated with Plus

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Google would be unveiling a new music store, tentatively named Google Music which would offer users legal song downloads for the standard price on today’s digital market.

It was just a matter of time before Google showed some serious interest in having a piece of one of the biggest pies in the Internet world today: music downloads. And although there were some timid efforts on behalf of the Big G before (anyone said Music Beta?), a new move would be announced in short, a new service that was reported earlier this week on the Wall Street Journal.

According to such report, Google would be unveiling a new music store, tentatively named Google Music (original, uh?) which would offer users legal song downloads for the standard price on today’s digital market. But that’s not all. The Mountain View-based company would also be adding its four-month-old social network into the equation.

How would that be? According to the reports, Google + users would be able to recommend songs to friends on any of their circles. In this way, such contacts would have a free ticket to listen to that track one time. Want to hear it another time? Well, Google will be offering its users the possibility to purchase the song right there, through Google Plus profiles.

Now, let’s think about it. It was about time for one of the major players on the digital ground to deploy a service like this. But one can’t help but wonder whether it’s too late for Google. With several (and well-established) music services all around, Google is making a bold move. Not only will the company have to compete with strong stores such as iTunes and Spotify but with the major record companies as well.

This isn’t a point to be overlooked, since, as the Wall Street Journal indicates, the four major record companies wouldn’t be so interested in what Google’s planning and (specially) in its revenue model. And if we remember that these four companies own almost 90% of the music distributed in the US, then we can begin to understand why Google has it so difficult.

Google Music?

On the other hand, Google is stating that Music’s business model would be enough to provide a significant profit, given the amount of music downloads such a service would generate. However, that kind of conversion has yet to be proven and, given some recent experiences in similar circumstances (iTunes + Ping), suspicions about its efficiency are more than backed up.

We have to hand it to Google, though. Not only is the company venturing into a fierce and highly-competitive juncture but it’s also betting it all in its social network, placing Google + as the pivotal center in which most of the company’s service will revolve around. This new music store will be the acid test for this perspective, a vision that Google executives are hoping to build upon.

If Google Music succeeds, then we could expect some important changes in the distribution of music. But if it fails, well, we’ll just going to add it to the rest of Google’s failures.

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