Facebook announces the second edition of the Hacker Cup

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The social network has openeed the registration for the Hacker Cup, a programming competition that will test your problem-solving skills for the second year in a row.

In what appears to be turning into a tradition for the most popular social network, Facebook has announced the 2012 Hacker Cup. Just like last year, the site opened the registration for programmers to join a tough competition in which they’ll have to prove their problem solving skills.

The incentive? Money (of course) and the chance to be watched by the people of one of the biggest sites in the Internet world. Nothing bad, considering that you might actually have a change to join them (although, for that to happen, you’d have to really impress them).

Where the hackers’ elite meet

The Cup is aimed to programmers and to any computer geek with a love for algorithms and advanced math problems. The competition consists of five rounds of programming challenges: one qualification round, three online rounds and a final one to be held in Facebook’s headquarters.

The Hacker Cup will begin on January 20 with the 72-hour qualification round, a phase in which all registered users will participate. All of the contestants will be presented with three problems of which they’ll have to solve at least one to advance to the next round.

The first online round will follow and it will consist of a 24-hour hackathon in which the participants will have to confront a set of problems. From there, all of those capable of solving at least one problem will move on to the next challenge.

Online rounds 2 and 3 are very similar in their qualification method: both of them will take place in a three-hour time frame in which they’ll have to solve the most problems from a particular set. The only difference is that the second phase qualifies 100 competitors while the third one will only qualify the top 25.

After that, the elite will meet in the real deal. Those 25 people will be flown to Menlo Park, California, for the final round, which will be held in March 17. Of those 25, one will become the second Hacker Cup champion and will receive a $5,000 dollar prize. The second place will be awarded $2,000 USD while the third spot will receive $1000. The rest of the finalist will get a consolation prize of $100.

So, if you’re interested in competing, then head to the Hacker Cup registration page and sign up there. And if you do so, I suggest you to train yourself with last year’s problems to see if you got what it takes to become a true Hacker Cup champion.

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