The Angry Birds migrate to Facebook

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The flock continues its journey through all of the possible platforms, which will bring it to the most popular social network in February

Are there any more ways to squeeze more money from the Angry Birds franchise? Is there anything to add to the series, besides plush toys, comics, a TV show and fully branded editions? Apparently yes, since Rovio, the company responsible for the smash hit, thinks it’s about time to bring it to one of the most popular platform nowadays: Facebook.

The arrival of the flock to the biggest and most popular social network in the Internet comes to repair what seems like a gross omission or a miscalculation, because it’s surprising that Angry Birds hasn’t been launched in the social site earlier.

With an estimate 800 million members, Facebook seems like the perfect market for a proven gaming formula, and Rovio finally decided to take the steps to bring the game to greater masses.

A Valentine’s gift for all Facebook users

Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio’s “Mighty Eagle”, and Henri Holm, the company’s SVP in Asia, have confirmed to Penn Olson that the Facebook version of the game will be unveiled in Valentine’s Day. The global launch will be held on February 14th in Jakarta, which is known in the tech world as the capital of Facebook, thanks to the huge market the social site has over there.

So, what can fans expect from a Facebook edition of the game? Well, according to Vesterbacka, Angry Birds will sport full screen capability, higher quality animations and new purchasable power ups, such as an earthquake and new types of birds.

Additionally, Angry Birds will have to adapt to the social nature of Facebook gaming. For that, the game will display leaderboards in which players will have the possibility to compare their scores with the rest of their friends and they’ll also be able to buy “bragging rights” to tease contacts for their performance.

The big feathered future

Angry Birds’ release on Facebook is just one of the many steps that Rovio is taking to popularize the game even more. Along with this move, the company has also reached an agreement with Samsung to embed the game in the new line of Smart TVs.

But that’s not all, since they are also working with Nokia to port the game for the Finnish company devices. And if that weren’t enough, Rovio is allegedly developing a system that will allow player to sync the game across different platforms, which would imply the possibility of starting the game in one device to finish it in another.

All of these measures will be taken with one purpose in mind: to reach a billion fans in all sorts of platforms. With over 700 million downloads in iOS and Android and with the game already available to play in Chrome, it seems that Rovio will easily surpass that mark thanks to its alliance with Facebook. But, as always, only time will tell.

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