Star Wars: The Old Republic sets MMO record

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The MMO that everybody was waiting finally arrived and the innovations it brought apparently made quite an impression on the gaming world.

It took a few days for Star Wars: The Old Republic to become the fastest growing MMO in the history of gaming, an achievement nothing short from spectacular, given the amount of genre’s titles that proceeded it. But there’s something that all of the previous games of the like never had: the Star Wars theme. Wielding a light saber was every child’s dream once (and still is for those children now turned into happy-paying adults), making its appeal almost unbearable for gamers.

BioWare, you did it again

When discussing the game in previous articles, I said that the thrill surrounding the game was more than justified, given the title’s developer. BioWare has made some of the best games in recent years, so believing that the company could take the Star Wars franchise and turn it into MMO gold was a no brainer.

Fortunately, BioWare didn’t let us down. Thanks to the inclusion of “dramatic, genre-changing innovations” the developers and Electronic Arts can take pride on a job well done, giving the astonishing one million players that registered within the first two days the game was open to everyone.

Facts from a Sith-dominated region

But that impressive number isn’t the only figure that stroke us. In fact, the most interesting info comes from what players are doing with the game. First of all, the huge amount of time they’ve been playing: 28 million in-game hours – or, as the EA’s press release put it, “the equivalent to watching all six Star Wars movies, two million times.”

Additionally, EA points out that “more than 3.8 million characters” were created in only two days, with a surprising majority of Sith lords. Of the more than one million light saber-bearers that were created, 550,000 are Sith Warriors while 510,000 are Jedi Knights. Odd numbers that show that a lot of people love to see the bad guys win.

Finally, an astounding fact to illustrate how much players are engaged with the MMO: within the first eight days of its release (early-access days included), players killed 2 billion NPCs, that is, 2,000 per character. You might argue that isn’t all that much, but, hey, did you try to kill one of those? They seem to be made out of steel!

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