Grand Theft Auto V announced

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Gamers gone insane

Just when we thought next month couldn’t get more exciting for gamers, Rockstar comes out of nowhere with an announcement that shocked everyone and caught the whole world with their guard down: the fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto is in the works and we’ll be able to see the first sneak peek on November 2.

The first teaser trailer for GTA V will be unveiled then but until that day comes, it seems we’ll have to surrender to speculation about what will this new edition of one of the most critically acclaimed games in history will offer us. So, let’s jump into the rumor wagon while there’s still some room.

A trick up Rockstar’s sleeve

If there is something Rockstar should be acknowledged for, that has to be its secrecy. Although there was some minor rumors pointing to GTA V’s being in development, nobody predicted a confirmation on its existence and its first images to surface so soon. The New York City-based company was able to keep it quiet while playing it cool in times when maintaining a secret as big as this one is as hard as quitting the Internet cold turkey.

And the way in which the game developer let us all know about it was a very clever marketing move that keep us wondering “when?” “what?” “where?” and other assorted stuttered questions. It just took one picture with the GTA V logo (with the V in a dollar bill fashion) and a legend that reads “Trailer 11.02.11” to send the gaming industry in a speculation rampage.

Conjectures and assumptions range from the game being based in Washington DC (or in Las Venturas, or even in some sort of digital Hollywood) to it including L.A. Noire’s facial animation technologies. Now it’s your turn to let your imagination run wild and come up with a prediction for the new title.

Grand Theft Auto 5

November, sweet November

The announcement of GTA V’s teaser trailer for next month comes as some sort of coronation for a November that will surely be remembered by gamers as one of the most prolific times for the gaming industry. Remember that a few days earlier, Battlefield 3 will be hitting the shelves, while a week later Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be also available.

However, Rockstar’s video will surely eclipse the launch of two of the greatest games this year, given the attention it already garnered. Still, the most important question remains and it’s probably the reason most gamers are filled with expectancy about the game: will the new installment be up to the franchise’s legacy? What do you think?

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