Are the zombies leaving Dead Island to conquer the world?

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Just two months after its release, the company responsible for the amazing Dead Island might be pulling the strings for a more deadly sequel.

When the time comes to pick this year’s best games, there’s no doubt about Dead Island making it to most of those lists. Although not precisely original, the game’s zombie outbreak was thrilling enough to keep us shooting creepy former humans back to death. The game was a commercial success and players all over the world loved it, so it wouldn’t be a shocker to find that a sequel is on the works, something that seems to be true, by the way.

The infection spreads: is a worldwide invasion appealing enough?


The site Siliconera has found that Techland, the Polish developer behind Dead Island, has filed a new US patent for the trademark use of the name Dead World in digital entertainment and videogame products. And although the company hasn’t announced or hinted anything yet, we can assume the potential sequel without any official confirmation.

It’s plain obvious what’s suggested by a name such as Dead World: the undead threat has managed to escaped the Benoi island, it expanded somehow and it will be now terrorizing the entire planet. Basically, that’s all I can say about the Dead Island follow-up since providing extra details at this point would be lying.

The finding, however, made me wonder whether porting the zombie mayhem over to a bigger setting will be enough for another successful installment. It’s obvious that the developers will have to work hard to incorporate attractive and original narrative lines along with several gameplay improvements. The latter are probably the most critical point right now, since Dead Island has received several negative reviews over its technical flaws and its failed game mechanics.

A new franchise is born

If this rumor happens to be true, it would be yet another hit for Techland, which has seen considerable success since Dead Island’s release, just two months ago. And this is true not only for the title’s commercial achievements but also for the recent agreement between the developers and Lionsgate, the independent film and television company, which is working to take the game’s story to the big screen.

Time will tell if more zombie-related entertainment is what the public wants, especially in a modern market saturated by drooling and mindless undead walking our digital streets.

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