Next-gen Xbox will be six times more powerful

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The Internet keeps generating rumors and now it's the turn for the popular Microsoft console, which are poting to a bigger console (but not to a revolutionary one).

It’s hardly surprising to learn that Microsoft would be working on the next-gen Xbox(currently baptized by the press as “Xbox 720”). With a life cycle of almost 7 years, the Xbox 360 it’s obviously reaching the end of the line, although Microsoft’s executives expected it to last until 2015.

However, recent reports from sources reportedly close to the console’s development point out that the actual manufacturing process of its components would begin by the end of 2012. The same sites indicate that the Xbox 720 would be more powerful than the current console and that it would also include Blu-Ray support and even would be accompanied by the introduction of the next-gen Kinect as well.

A graphics processing monster

Although initial reports speculated with the inclusion of processors based on AMD's 7000 series in the next Xbox, now IGN sources revealed that, in fact, the console would be sporting a processor derived from the 6000 series.

In plain terms, this would mean that the Xbox 720 would offer DirectX11 support, multidisplay, 3D and 1080p HD output. This would imply a console six times more powerful than the one we have nowadays, a power that would surpass Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U by a 20%.

Taking into account that these components would hit mass production by the end of this year, the console is expected to be unveiled by late October or early Novemeber, 2013.

Blu-ray, Kinect 2 and an unpleasant surprise

Additionally, Kotaku sources are saying that the Xbox 720 would upgrade its disc technology from DVD to Blu-ray. This seems as a no brainer, especially if you keep in mind that Sony’s Playstation 3 already includes Blu-ray. Besides, Blu-ray discs have more available space and its popularity is on the rise to the detriment of DVD’s market.

But that’s not all. The new console would also ship along with the second version of Kinect, the company’s motion sensor device. Although there aren’t many specifics on this, the most strong rumor indicates that the new gadget would include a dedicated processor, which would help it in detecting the players’ movements more accurately.

Finally, the same report expresses that Microsoft would be considering the inclusion of a technology to prevent gamers from buying used games for the console. Although there’s no idea on how it might work, the “anti used games system” is a risky move.

Despite pleasing publishers fed up with retailers taking a substantial portion of the pie through used games sales, the technology could enrage customers that rely on such market to get their hands on new titles.

Of course, Microsoft is refusing to comment on any of this. They dismiss all of these reports as rumors and although they are just that, they might hold some truth. Stay tuned for more news on this!

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