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Publisher: Firefly

OS Support: Windows

License: Demo

Date added: 04 Oct 2011

Last Update: 03 Oct 2011

Size: 342 MB

System Requirements: No special requirements.

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Version Demo added on: 04 Oct 2011

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Stronghold Legends is a real-time strategy game that combines historical and fantasy elements great for a unique result.  You’ll play as some of the most charismatic leaders of all times and lead their troops in the conquest of new territories.

For Stronghold Legends the developers of the popular franchise decided to put aside the simulation elements in order to opt for a pure strategy title.  While this change may not be attractive to  certain  public, this renewal will breathe fresh air into a saga that had become poorer and poorer.

You’ll embark on three different campaigns where you will handle the affairs of three major historical figures:  King Arthur, Vlad the Impaler and Siegfried.  But not everything is as accurate as it is narrated in the history books, as you'll come across many fantasy units that will give a different flavor to your adventure.

Although it does not have an omnipresent and key element such as a resource management system, Stronghold Legends includes detailed scenarios, 3D graphics and a soundtrack that will make you feel the heat of battle as if you were really there in the middle of the action.


  • 3D graphics
  • Three very different campaigns
  • All types of units included


  • Does not include resource management
  • Adds nothing revolutionary to the genre

Limitations of Stronghold Legends:

  • Only a few levels available
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