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Publisher: Paradox Interactive

OS Support: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinXP

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Date added: 23 Dec 2011

Last Update: 22 Dec 2011

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If you ever wanted to know how it feels to be in charge of mass transit in a big city, Cities in Motion is the game for you. This simulator will give you the opportunity to operate the different public transport routes in four European cities.

In Cities in Motion you will find two different challenges. The first is a campaign in which, over the course of 100 years, you’ll have to develop efficient and profitable transportation road systems in Amsterdam, Vienna, Helsinki and Berlin. In the second campaign there is no time limit, so you’ll be able to design your transport network at your own pace.

To reach your goal you’ll have buses, trains, subways, helicopters and even boats at your disposal. Obviously, building a sustainable business with efficient transport links will be no easy task, as you will realize in Cities in Motion.

You will face a fluctuating economy that will influence your decisions and a realistic traffic simulator that will put your planning to the test. Furthermore, not all members of the public are the same and each of the residents will have different requirements, which will complicate your work.

In this game you will also expand your creative potential with the built-in map editor. Using this tool you’ll be able to generate your own cities down to the smallest detail and then play with them.

Although it gets somewhat repetitive after a while, Cities in Motion is an excellent simulator for those who enjoy logistics.


  • Detailed and high quality graphics
  • Variety of scenarios
  • Map editor
  • Variety of units
  • Economic and traffic simulator


  • It gets repetitive

Limitations of Cities in Motion:

  • First levels available
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