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Publisher: Liquid Entertainment

OS Support: Windows

License: Demo

Date added: 27 Oct 2011

Last Update: 26 Oct 2011

Size: 98 MB

System Requirements: No special requirements.

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Version Demo added on: 27 Oct 2011

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Battle Realms
is a real-time strategy game that will take you to ancient Japan to take part in epic battles. Your mission, as in every title of this genre, will be to expand your city while you crush your enemies.

The story centers on Kenji, heir to the throne of the Snake, who must decide which path to take: the path of the Dragon clan, or that of the Snake clan. This choice will affect the missions and events that you will encounter afterwards.

As you will see, morality is very important in Battle Realms. It is represented by Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, which will influence the development of your civilization and the military gains you can achieve.

For the rest of the game you will wage battles in which four clans with differing ideologies, different special units and abilities face each other. As expected, you’ll have to gather resources, build buildings and train troops, as well as being able to recruit heroes to lead your troops.

Although some levels are quite difficult, Battle Realms is a game with well-made graphics, a compelling story and a number of interesting details that will delight fans of the genre.


  • Original story
  • Incorporation of moral decisions
  • Great variety of missions


  • Extremely difficult

Limitations of Battle Realms:

  • First levels available

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