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Publisher: LGM Games

OS Support: Win7 x32, WinVista, WinXP

License: Demo

Date added: 25 Nov 2011

Last Update: 24 Nov 2011

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Starpoint Gemini is a space simulation game that combines strategy and role-playing elements where you’ll be in charge of a huge spaceship with which to launch your conquest of the stars.

The premise of the game is freedom and for this Starpoint Gemini will offer you the entire Gemini star system. There, you will establish trading relationships, mine asteroids, research new technologies for your ship and explore the different corners of the area.

But that’s not all. The system is also occupied by other colonies, which fight for resources and for control of the different celestial bodies present. So you’ll also need to prepare for war by acquiring and improving all types of weapons.

Also, and as you progress through Starpoint Gemini, you will gain experience that will give you the ability to make risky and spectacular maneuvers with which to ambush your enemies.

Although it lacks variety in its units and can become tedious at times, Starpoint Gemini is a simulation game that is complex and attractive enough to captivate you.


  • Massive maps
  • Multitude of game directions
  • Wide range of technologies to develop
  • Innovative gameplay


  • Lacks variety
  • No multi-player support

Limitations of Starpoint Gemini:

First levels available

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