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Publisher: Atari

OS Support: Windows, Win7 x32, WinVista, WinXP

License: Demo

Date added: 10 Nov 2011

Last Update: 09 Nov 2011

Size: 250 MB

System Requirements: No special requirements.

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Version Demo added on: 10 Nov 2011

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Blade Kitten is a platform game where you’ll accompany a bounty hunter on her adventures to catch an evil villain.

The highlight of Blade Kitten is its aesthetic, which is instantly reminiscent of Japanese anime. The whole game is immersed in an appearance reminiscent of oriental cartoons.

As for the gameplay, Blade Kitten doesn’t have many surprises. Here you’ll play as a half human, half cat girl who has to advance through countless levels while battling with enemies of all kinds and solving some puzzles. Your goal: to eliminate opponents and continue along your way.

To achieve your objective you’ll have some weapons and special abilities that you’ll have to learn to use to prevent the enemies from overcoming you.

While this is a simple and unpretentious title, Blade Kitten is a fun choice where you’ll have a good time with a group of endearing characters.


  • Carefully crafted aesthetic
  • Endearing characters
  • Great number of levels


  • Very basic gameplay

Limitations of Blade Kitten:

  • First levels available
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Blade Kitten Demo screenshotBlade Kitten Demo screenshotBlade Kitten Demo screenshot
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