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Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

OS Support: Windows

License: Shareware

Date added: 03 Oct 2011

Last Update: 02 Oct 2011

Size: 607 MB

System Requirements: No special requirements.

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Version Demo added on: 03 Oct 2011

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Dracula: Origin is a graphic adventure game where you’ll embody the famous Professor Van Helsing, who must stop the evil plans of the famous vampire. In order to do this, you will travel through multiple levels and different locations in search of clues to help you defeat Dracula.

In Dracula: Origin you will find that all the elements have been developed according to the Bram Stoker story.  Thus, both the environments and the narrative itself show full respect for the literary classic, while helping you immerse yourself in the dark world of this supernatural being.

This title offers you a unique opportunity: to discover the origins of Dracula and his future plans. You’ll therefore have to solve puzzles and riddles, as well as findi clues and hidden objects, to obtain the object that the vampire is obsessively seeking: a manuscript that will bring the soul of his beloved back to the world again.

Dracula: Origin features the mystery and atmosphere appropriate to this classic story. It also offers challenging and exciting levels so that you can delve into the origins of the world’s most famous vampire.


  • Well-developed story
  • Suitable and detailed environments
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Some puzzles are highly complex

Limitations of Dracula: Origin:

  • Restricted functions
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