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Publisher: Cryptic Studios Inc.

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Date added: 04 Oct 2011

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If you ever wanted to see the superhero of your dreams in action, Champions Online is the game you need.  This title is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where you will design a character with superpowers and custom clothing.

When you start to play Champions Online you’ll need to create a superhero based on your preferences.  You will define his face, body, clothing, color combinations, and even his powers.  This is one of the highlights of this game, since the editor will let you perfectly embody the hero you imagine, precisely and in detail.

Once you have completed the creation, you will enter a vast world in which you’ll interact with other superheroes, with whom you can ally to combat the various threats that abound throughout the different scenarios.

Besides all the unique skills and missions of all kinds, in Champions Online you can design an arch enemy who will constantly confront  you.  Your superhero will thus be complete with the addition of the ubiquitous nemesis.

Although the title is oriented more towards action than role-playing, and certain options must be paid for, Champions Online is an excellent title that will fulfill your dream of giving life to your own superhero.


  • Different theme
  • Allows you to create custom hero and nemesis
  • Vast world


  • You must pay to access some options
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