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Publisher: Sherman 3D

OS Support: Win7 x32, WinVista, WinXP

License: Demo

Date added: 25 Nov 2011

Last Update: 24 Nov 2011

Size: 63.8 MB

System Requirements: No special requirements.

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Version Demo added on: 25 Nov 2011

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Alpha Kimori is an interesting role-playing game where you’ll embody a warrior who falls in love with an enemy princess. You’ll have to try to help them stay together while you battle for your kingdom.

The story of Alpha Kimori is one of this game's highlights. It includes many elements of Japanese philosophy that will make you think them over throughout the game. The title narrates the confrontation between two human factions that had to be exiled to a new planet after the Earth was invaded by aliens.

Japanese anime fans will be captivated by the aesthetics and graphics in Alpha Kimori. Despite this feature, what really make it interesting are its multitude of varied missions, which will take you to visit different worlds and take on all kinds of creatures.

Finally, you should know that the turn-based combat allows you to design strategies that will ensure your victory. Add to this that you can join up with other characters to accompany you on your adventure, and you’ll certainly see why every fan of the genre must try Alpha Kimori.


  • Captivating story
  • Numerous missions
  • Extensive map


  • Slow combat mechanics
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