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Micro Flight 5.2
Micro Flight is a simulator that differentiates itself from the other offers in the market because it will provide you with very unusual vehicles to fly with and because of its realistic and precise w......

Tags: Micro Flightflight simulatorsimulation games

Downloads: Total 263     Avg. User Rating: 3.5/5 (9 Votes)
Aces High II 2.21 Patch 4
Aces High II is a massive multi-player online simulation game that will put you right on the cockpit in some of the most powerful war machines that ever crossed the air....

Tags: Aces High IIsimulation gamesflight simulatorworld war II games

Downloads: Total 236     Avg. User Rating: 4/5 (6 Votes)
Flight Simulator X Demo
Flight Simulator X is a game that will take you up in the air on board of some of the most impressive aircraft available today. Thus, you’ll be able to fly over several cities and landscapes while y...

Downloads: Total 143     Avg. User Rating: 5/5 (1 Votes)
Ship Simulator Extremes Demo
Ship Simulator Extremes is a simulation game where you can steer all types of ships, with which you’ll have to complete the assigned missions. The highlight of Ship Simulator Extremes is the ...

Downloads: Total 242     Avg. User Rating: 4/5 (2 Votes)
Ship Simulator 2008 Demo
If you’ve always wanted to set off to sea and explore all corners of the oceans, then Ship Simulator 2008 is perfect for you. With this ship simulator you’ll be able to command an interesting numb...

Downloads: Total 370     Avg. User Rating: 4/5 (18 Votes)
Rail Simulator Demo
Rail Simulator is a unique simulation game where you will control all types of trains. You can become a train driver of all kinds of journeys by rail. Rail Simulator allows you to select different mo...

Downloads: Total 1,182     Avg. User Rating: 5/5 (13 Votes)